1 Egg Roll 1.75
  2 Spring Roll 2.25
  3 Veggie Spring Roll 2.25
  4 Thai Shrimp Rolls(4) 6.95
    Marinated tiger shrimps wrapped in crispy spring roll paper. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce
  5 Fried Shrimp Rolls (4) 6.25
    Crispy fried rolls stuffed with minced shrimps and bamboo shoots
6 Bangkok Fried Tofu 6.95
    Golden deep-fried tofu, served with Thai peanut sauce
7 Yum Wonton (6) 6.75
    House favourite steamed wonton stuffed with minced chicken breast and pork in Thai peanut sauce
  8 Crispy Wonton (8) 7.25
    Cantonese style crispy golden pouches filled with minced chicken breast and pork. Served with sweet and sour sauce
  9 Pan Fried Dumpling (6) 6.75
    Home style dumplings stuffed with minced chicken breast, pork, water chestnut and Chinese green. Served with house dipping sauce
  10 Deep Fried Chicken Wings 10.25
  11 Honey Garlic Chicken Wings 10.75
  12 Honey Garlic Spareribs 11.25
  13 B.B.Q. Pork Spareribs 11.25
  14 B.B.Q. Pork Slices 11.25
  15 Thai Sweet Basil Wings 11.25
    Crispy deep fried chicken wings with our homemade Thai sweet basil sauce and roasted garlic
  16 Golden Temptation 7.75
    Tang's homemade golden wonton filled with smooth cream cheese, smoked bacon bits and sweet onion. Served with sweet and sour sauce.
    Crispy Wonton