78 Bangkok Chicken 13.95
    Golden fried Chicken strips with a dry garlic basil sauce  
79 Spicy Peanut Chicken 12.25
    A flavorful dish for nut lovers!! Tender chicken breast with baby bok-choy, water chestnuts and mixed green, in creamy peanut sauce. Topped with more peanut.  
80 Spicy Peanut Beef 12.25
81 Thai Basil Pork-Chop 13.95
    Tasty golden fried pork-chop seasoned with spicy garlic salt  
82 Szechuan Green Beans 11.75
    Szechuan Green BeansSautéed green beans with minced pork in a mild chili spice  
83 Ma Po Tofu 9.95
    A real home style Szechuan dish! Mouth-watering tofu gently blended with spicy minced pork and green onions, in a thick peppery sauce  
84 Black Pepper Steak 13.95
    Tender beef steak sautéed with sweet pepper, shredded onions in black pepper sauce  
85 General Tao Chicken 12.50
    Marinated chicken breast crisply deep-fried, tossed in a Szechuan sweet sauce, topped with sesame seeds  
86 Orange Chicken 12.50
    Crispy golden chicken breast spiced with orange peel in a tangy mild spicy sauce  
87 Orange Beef 12.50
88 Kung Pao Chicken 11.25
    Diced chicken breast with crunchy vegetables, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and roasted peanuts tossed with chili peppers  
89 Kung Pao Beef 11.25
90 Kung Pao Shrimps 13.50
91 Yu Shiang Chicken 11.25
    Chicken breast with Chinese greens, including baby bok choy, green beans, baby corns and bamboo shoots in a sweet chili sauce  
92 Yu Shiang Beef 11.25
93 Yu Shiang Shrimps 13.50
94 Szechuan Chicken 11.25
    A challenge for spicy lovers!! Sautéed chicken breast with sweet peppers, onions, celery, bamboo shoots, carrots and broccoli in an exotic Szechuan chili sauce  
95 Szechuan Beef 11.25
96 Szechuan Shrimps 13.50
97 Chili Chicken 13.95
    Tang’s home make chili sauce ( fresh chili, dry chili and crashed peanut ), with onions , sweet pepeers, mushroom and extra fresh chili  
98 Golden Chili Chicken 13.95
    Golden deep fried chicken breast,onion,sweet peppers, mushroom in Tang's homemade chili sauce ( fresh chili,dry chili and crushed peanut )  
999 Yu Shiang Eggplant 12.25
    An authentic Szechuan dish! Sauteed eggplany with minced pork in Tang's home made chili sauce