66 Golden Curry Chicken 12.50
  Chicken breast in a full fl avoured curry with coconut milk, mixed vegetables, fresh basil leaves and chilies
67 Golden Curry Beef 12.50
68 Golden Curry Shrimp 14.50
69 Green Curry Chicken 12.50
  Sautéed chicken breast in Thai green curry with coconut milk, fresh vegetables, bambo shoots, green beans and sweet basil leaves.  
70 Green Curry Beef 12.50
71 Green Curry Shrimp 14.50
72 Red Curry Pineapple Chicken 12.50
  Tender chicken breast in Thai red curry with coconut milk, sweet pineapples, fresh sweet peppers, basil leaves and tomatoes  
73 Red Curry Pineapple Beef 12.50
74 Red Curry Shrimp 14.50
75 Roasted duck in Red Curry 15.75
  All curry dishes served with steamed rice  
  Green Curry Chicken